Haiti Sister-Parish


Update from the Haiti Committee:

11-05-17:  The Haiti Ministry would like to than you for your generous contributions to the Sister Parish program this year, which pays for a daily hot, nutritious lunch for the students and funds the teachers’ salaries.  The school provides and excellent pre-K though 9th grade education.  The donations made at the Spaghetti Dinner were generous beyond anyone’s expectations (totaling approximately $7,000), which closed the gap we needed to meet out %$32,000 annual goal. 
However, there is a new need:  Fr. Merat informed us during his visit that school enrollment this year has risen from 350 to 450 students.  That enrollment increase,, plus increase in food and supply costs in Haiti, and the extra expenses associated with the new 9th grade, have increased the annual school budget to $48,000.  So, Fr. Merat still needs an additional $16,000 to operate the school this year.  The Haiti ministry members thought it important to convey this information to the parish, especially given our past communications on our progress toward reaching our traditional fundraising goal of $32,000.  There is now a need for an additional $16,000 this year.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to give, or would like to increase your contribution, maybe this information will inspire you to make that donation.  Our ministry will adopt Fr. Merat’s faith-filled reflection: “the Lord will provide.”
Hopefully, we at St. Joseph can continue to be a part of God’s loving plan for the school children at St. Peter in Porteau, Haiti.   It’s easy to donate online on this website. Please select the “Online Giving” option, but be sure to indicate that your gift is for the Haiti Ministry. You can also use your regular collection envelope; just write on the envelope that this particular collection donation is for the Haiti Ministry.

About our Sister Parish Relationship

The Baltimore Archdiocese Office of Missions helps pair parishes from our Archdiocese with parishes in the Diocese of Gonaïves, Haiti. Currently there are over 20 sister-parish relationships in the Archdiocese. We’ve had a sister-parish relationship with St. Peter’s in Haiti since 2006.
Fr. Jean L. Mérat has been the pastor of St. Peter’s since December, 2012. Like his predecessor, Fr. Toussaint, he is intensely devoted to serving his parishioners, the poorest of the poor.
We hold a spaghetti dinner each Fall to celebrate our relationship. We invite the pastor of St. Peter’s to join us and meet our parishioners. We hold an in-depth business meeting to provide sound stewardship and to analyze where our contributions can have the greatest impact.

How we Help

Annually, we hold a drive to feed and educate 350+ school children at St. Peter’s of Poteau, Haiti. The annual program costs ~ $32,000/year or $92/child.
This program provides:
  • a quality education for grades K-7
  • paid teacher salaries
  • one nourishing meal per day
  • Additionally, our past contributions have provided:
    • a well and pump for fresh water
    • a schoolhouse building with 4 classrooms
    • an added 2nd floor onto school enabling the addition of 7th grade class
  • Our future program goals (subject to funding) include:
    • sustainment of Feed & Educate operational costs
    • security for the school- church-rectory compound
    • begin 8th grade classes
    • milk for pre-K+ students
    • food assistance during breaks in the school year
    • scholarships for graduates
    • outreach to remote parishioners
    • adult literacy

For More Information / Get Involved

  • Visitors and new members always welcome!
  • Attend our monthly meeting held on the second Wednesday at St. Joseph parish
  • Join us for the spaghetti dinner held every Fall.
  • Contribute to the annual campaign.
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Any questions about the Haiti Sister-Parish Ministry can be directed to Gary Grey at gkgrey@gmail.com.